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Natural product for eliminate fat

Lipostop capsuls is a product porpoused for all of them, which want to reduce the quantity of their fat absorbtion. It can be used in the case of risen cholesterol levels in mantaining and acquaiering the optimal body weight, for all that with difficulties in body fat absorbtion, it helps also in digestion of fat rich food, which tends to overload our organism.
The effectivenes of this product it is scientifically proved. It is 100% natural (made from cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica leaves) made from genaticaly unchanged organism GSO, no alergy on product it has been proved, it is more efficient that other similiar products that are present on market today in binding fat and it`s working action which it not depends from enviromental PH.
The fibras bind and excrete over 28, 3% of total with meal digested fat. Have you been ever thinking how it is possible to survive for a cactus in his own severe climatical condition, they are expoused to big temperature changes with yust a little of water on their disposition. Similiar thinking it has occupied in the middle of 90 the French scientists. They have discovered that cactus type Opuntia Ficus Indica contains in the water disolving and not disolving fibers. Which are able to bind strongly on them nourishing substances and to percieve alive the cactus in this severe circumstances.
When the fibras where isulated and expermented on human`s , thay have discovered that the cactus fibr which are not disloved in water tend to bind on themself molecules of fat from digested food. A formulation which has derived was encircled from others in the water disolved cactus fibres. From which it has arised so a big complex which has had no more space to enter throw small intestine barriere into the blood. After the food passed the stomac region, the waste material is excreted from the body with the 28, 3% of fat bind on cactus fibr. This discover has lead them in the development of the potent model called Neopuntia.
The procedure of producing it is standardizated to pick off only an exact part of a exact big leav, with yust decided age of it and in the significative period of the year. And with this we can assure to the costumer that the product it will certanly excrete 28, 3% of our digested fat. The leaves where working with attention to perserve all the imortant effects of the plant. In the manufacturing of cactus where not used chemichal additives.

Fiale Pitta

The product is especially suitable for normal and sensitive skin with noticable capillaries on the surface, light, warm, prone to blush. Individual components or final products Lakshmi were not tested on animals and do not contain animal substances. The principles of Lakshmi are against genetical manipulation and it demands from supliers genetically unmodified components.
Contains: lavender vera, chamomile and cypress essential natural oils.

Rose cream

Thanks to the precious rose oil extract and cold pressed plant natural oils, it offers protection from the influence of the environment for the whole day. It nourishes and moisturizes the sensitive skin. Sometimes a lotus flower cream is advised as an alternative (for 15 to 20 days). For mature skin, an anti-age cream is advised.
Cointains: almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, mallow and calendula extract, butcher's broom (Ruscus aculeatus) extract, propolis, horse chestnut, Rosa Canica, chamomile, aloe vera, common mallow, soy lecithin, grapefruit seeds extract, neroli, rosewood and rose essential oil.


Ginseng jojoba cream

Palmarosa essential oil protects the skin, while ginseng and jojoba oil moisturizes intensively and gives tone. This cream is suitable for dry and wrinkled skin. It is especially beneficial in winter time and during stressful periods. A drop of essential oil can be added to the cream before the application.
Contains: grain sprouts liposomes, aloe vera, shea butter, sesame oil, jojoba oil, grain sprouts oil, ginseng extract, olive oil, rose oil, pollen, grapefruit seeds extract, ylang ylang and sandalwood.


Neem mask

Neem, propolis, clay, lemon and essential oils cleanse deeply, disinfect and shrink enlarged pores. Neem is a very important oil in Ayurveda. It is very efficient against very oily skin, acne, blackheads and whiteheads. When acne and pimples are very expanded, it is advised to use the cream every day.
Contains: neem oil, green clay, propolis, aloe vera, eastern purple coneflower, greater burdock, grapefruit seeds extract, rose essential oil, lemon, sage, chamomile, tea tree and juniper.