Vitamin and mineral

Natural teeth whitening for beautiful smile
Root of Salvadore Persice

World health organisation encourage the use of whitening tooth brush. It contains high quantities of flour and silica, vitamin C, Sulpfur, salvadorins, trimetalamins, Small quantities of tanins, saponins, flavonoid and sterols.
Minerals like calcium, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, calcium oxide. All this components of composition are excellent whiteners and strengtheners of toothglaze. Your teeth will be whiter like before with regular use of natural toothbrush.
It will change your regular toothbrush on your travellings in your office, it will remove the colouration from smoking, coffe, wine and not properly suitable food items.
It prevent`s the formation of carie and toothstones, in the same time will massage and strenghten your gums.