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Masa┼ża    Ayurveda

Ayurveda massage is a part of the traditional Indian health system, which is originated from around 3000 years BC.
This wonderful ayurveda hand massage became one of the most popular massages nowadeys. The massage preserves health and prevents diseases. It is as well an excellent mean to relieve muscle pain. Healthy people can reach a juvenile effect and a healthy body, while the ill ones can reach a beneficial medical effect. Ayurveda massage is excellent for relieving muscle pain, stress, arthritis, fatigue, headache etc. It promotes sound sleep and improves digestion and metabolism of the body.
Massage also helps maintaining physical well being of the individual and reassuring aggravated vata (air and ether). Too much air has a destructive effect on the body because it dries the organs and the body itself. Moreover, it improves blood circulation, body immunity and tones up the entire body. It eliminates excess fat, restores and repairs worn out tissues, improves skin complexion, prevents premature skin ageing and grey hair growth. It also relieves anxiety and depression symptoms. Ayurvedic Massage, courses massage and massage gift certificate for your relaxation and health by Massage Studio Manipura.