London - United Kingdom

Swami Suryananda Saraswati(Yogacarya Amadio Bianchi)

President of the world Yoga movement.
Deputy president of European Yoga association.
President of Italian Yoga association.
President of the international Yoga and Ayurveda school C.Y.SURYA.
Docent of philosophy and Indian culture, ayurveda massage, yoga.
Had lectures at courses in Italy, Croatia, Greece, France, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Romania and Argentina.


"My hand is holy.
My hand is becoming holier because it contains all the medical effects. This hand means more than just a touch because it cures all the illnesses".

Shri S.V. Govindan In his long lifetime he gained a lot of experience in the field of massages.
With his massage he helped especially poor people without means for expensive treatments.
He lived and worked for two years for the big Gandhi, the president of India.
29.08.2004 I attended Holy Govindan's course of Indian massage in four body positions.

Confer certificate

After a successfully completed education in the town Kannur in India.
There I attended a 150 hour course in Ayurveda and Kalari martial art massage, led by dr. Rajesh Deven and his wife dr.Saphna

Dr. Rajesh Deven

Teacher of ayurveda massage.