News: Air pollution, water, natural sources, chemical addmix in foodstuffs, earth, strong drugs, tobacco, alcohol, consumering fever, rising claim’s on labour place, lowest purchase power, all the time higher indebtness of population and society, this are just some among factors, which can undue our everyday influence with acting on our health and well being. Everybody want’s a equilibratid life, more healthy, with ease and with less stress and diseases. In short to improve the quality of life. You want to be free and to be able to decide about your free time and your job to do. Olso to decide about your income. You wan’t to join the people, with which you have soomething in common? You wan’t to become a part of a successfully buisiness, where you will never be alone and where your incom’s will be proportionally made by your input of enrgy and time? If you have answer on whichhever question with positiveness answer than Manipura can play a significant role to fulfill your desire’s and to reach your aim’s.